Web Developer. Technical Instructor.


In the past, I was an IT teacher (programming and sys-admin) for six years. I taught on-site classes to employees of public and private companies in Barcelona. It has been one of my best work experiences, so I'm taking it up again with my project NinjaDevel.

Here is where I publish articles and tutorials on web development for beginners.

The project runs on WordPress. In addition to the content, I worked hard on creating a theme to get the best user experience.

WordPress theme PHP Tailwind CSS

StockVigilant is an online tool aimed at Amazon affiliates. For now, I can't give more details.

The project is developed in Ruby on Rails, with some parts done in plain Ruby. I used Tailwind CSS for the layout, which allows me to apply and maintain CSS styles easily.

Ruby on Rails Ruby Tailwind CSS

This website! It's where I show what I'm working on.

It's created with Jekyll, a Static Site Generator for Ruby. It's hosted on GitHub Pages and is open-source.

For the frontend I used Tailwind CSS.

Jekyll Ruby Tailwind CSS