Computer Engineer


In the past, I was an IT teacher (programming and sys-admin) for 6 years. I taught on-site classes to employees of public and private companies in Barcelona. It was one of the best work experiences I have had, and that I am currently resuming with my project NinjaDevel.

Here is where I publish tutorials and video courses on web development for beginners.

The project runs on WordPress. In addition to the content, I worked hard on creating a theme to get the best user experience.

WordPress theme PHP Tailwind CSS

StockVigilant is a project that checks the stock of products on Amazon.

It is oriented to people who recommend products to their followers, either as Amazon affiliates or influencers.

Once you enter the products to monitor, you can see daily statistics of how the stock is changing and receive email alerts when a product is not available. This way, you can change in time and keep getting those commissions from Amazon.

The project is developed in Ruby on Rails, with some parts done in plain Ruby. I used Tailwind CSS for the layout, which allows me to apply and maintain CSS styles easily.

Ruby on Rails Ruby Tailwind CSS