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10 ideas that helped me become a better developer (and may help you too)

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New project in progress

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, although that doesn’t mean I’ve been inactive. I’ve been focusing on my daily work as a freelance and on my daughter. But at the same time I’ve been incubating a new project in which I’ve needed to recycle knowledge and good preparation. I’m currently in […]

Code editors for Mac

Code editor

Using a Mac to develop? I do. And as you know, some very interesting editors have been coming out lately. Some were veterans and have been updated, while others were new products. ** If you don’t use a Mac for development you can ignore this post, I’m sorry. ** First of all, what is the […]

Do you like music?

Make music

Do you like to listen to music? Have you ever thought on making music? Programming is a creative task, so maybe you also like to “program” music. Or maybe you like to play some instrument and would like to learn how to record it to get a final song that sounds great! I like to make music, I have been doing it for many years, and I would like to share the process. So I’m preparing a course that may be of interest to you.

Teach what you know


Do you know something? Either you are a student or a professional, you must have some knowledge that would be interesting for others to learn. Why don’t we teach something to the world? Give that step and start teaching!

Music for programming


Programming is a creative work that sometimes needs silence and other times accepts good background music. It depends on your personality and your state of mind. In this article I share my preferences and the music sources I have tried out.

How I keep my focus when working

Keep focus

I work several hours each day in front of my computer, sitting down. This alone means that your health will suffer, both physically and mentally. And that means losing focus on work, making it difficult to progress and easy to procrastinate. How I keep my focus and make my work more effective?

What I liked and disliked about Ghost

Ghost logo

I tried Ghost for a side blog where I talk about videogames. I needed something quick to start with, so I thought it would be a good option. And it was! but I also found some big difficulties. I tried it for some time and I share here my likes and dislikes about it.

When is important to switch to another technology or tool

Time for a change

You have a system and tools that help your work to produce results. But they may have cons that get on your way. Is this a real problem? Could you continue working with your current tools? This could be a good time to stop and think about it.

How I switched to HTTPS

Binary system padlock

Since the beginning of my blog I used normal HTTP. After watching Google’s IO HTTPS everywhere video, and reading on their blog post, where they say that by adopting HTTPS you can improve your search ranking, I decided to switch to HTTPS. Here’s how I did it.

Train your discipline


Discipline is what we need to do our tasks when we have to do them, no matter if we are tired or prefer to do other thing at the required moment. Releasing our work in time helps making us successful. We all have discipline, but it may not be enough for the task or the project we have in mind. So how to improve it?