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10 ideas that helped me become a better developer (and may help you too)

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Quick introduction to object oriented programming

Object oriented programming is the basis of today’s frameworks for web development. Nearly every web project uses this development methodology. If you are new to programming, it is very important to have clear the OOP concepts.

Seeding a database using the Rails command line


When developing a Rails application, it’s important to seed the database with either manual or random data so the application looks realistic. There are some basic techniques to seed the database worth knowing that will save us time.

How to implement an usable cookie bar for your Rails application

Colorful cookies

If you sell something in your Rails application, being a product or a service, and you live in Europe, you have to comply with the cookie law. There are multiple JS solutions out there to ease this task, but I will teach you how to implement a cookie bar from scratch so you have full control and make it usable.

Technologies used for backend development


Backend development is centered in building the architecture that supports a web application, using a diverse range of languages and systems. Once you choose the language you like most, you will usually need to choose a web framework as well. And besides this, you have a wide range of databases, search engines and queue systems to choose from.

Using presenters and decorators to clean up your templates in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails - Presenters & decorators

When developing a web application, templates usually need to implement some logic, especially conditionals. I’m going to show you two patterns which are commonly used in web development with Ruby on Rails: presenters and decorators. They are meant to move template logic to dedicated classes, so templates look cleaner and more object oriented.

Dynamic connectivity with Ruby


The dynamic connectivity problem uses a graph (a data structure) that maintains information about the relationship between its components. With this information the data structure can answer whether there is a connection between two objects or not.

Technologies used for frontend development


Frontend development has three major technologies: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. They are built in all browsers, so compatibility is guaranteed. But nowadays a vast amount of new technologies raised from these basic areas. Which are those technologies and what are they used for?

What is a web stack?

Rock stack

A web stack is like a stack of books. The upper item is the application the user can interact with, while the one at the bottom is the base: the operating system. All the items between them are the technology needed for both the application and the operating system to communicate to each other. All of them are a team with a common goal: provide everything the application may need to work.

Learning the basics of web development

Blackboard and teacher

This blog is about learning web development and improving your skills, but you will need to learn the basics first. Internet is full of tutorials teaching those basics, I will talk about some of them to learn fast and easily.