Installing Ruby

Installing Ruby

Ruby is a popular dynamic object-oriented language created in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto (“Matz”).

I used it for the first time at University, around year 2003. I found it amazing because of its clear syntax and its “everything is an object” philosophy.

It began to gain popularity in 2005, when Ruby on Rails appeared as the first web framework showing how easy was to create a site just using its killer-feature: scaffolding.

Ruby is pre-installed in every Mac, but it’s not the latest version. However it is not pre-installed in Ubuntu or Windows, the other popular operating systems. So this course covers how to install it from scratch in all those 3 platforms, following best practices to customize your development environment and giving a quick overview of the most popular code editors.

You can select your operating system clicking on the upper-left icon.

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