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It seems that many programmers have a common hobby: making music. Yes, everyone loves music, but not many people like to make it. Since programming is a creative job, it seems related to making music.

What music do you like? In my case, I like Rock music. But there are other genres interesting to me, like Chill-out, inside the big Electronic category. Chill-out helps me focus on my current tasks, relaxes me, and makes my work ambient more friendly. I like to have an Internet radio playing this kind of music while I work. Rock music is more enjoyable, so I prefer to listen to it while I do automated tasks, driving, walking and so on.

But let’s get back to making music. How do you make your music? Maybe you would like to start but do not know how to do it? Maybe it’s something you never realized and now you are curious about it?

Being Rock, Electronic, or any other genre, making music has many common elements: you need a computer to record it, and some instruments or devices to play it. The process is likely the same.

I love to make music as much as listening, and to share my knowledge with the world I have decided to make a course on how to make a Rock song at home. I have been recording since I was 16, it’s been a while! I have spent many hours learning by reading forums, manuals, and of course by doing! I also spent money on equipment that I didn’t like (and therefore sold it). So if you would like to skip all of this and go to something that just works, and see your song successfully recorded, I think you may like this course.

It is still under development. I’m in the recording phase. So after editing the video and upload it, I will update this article to place the final link and give you a discount. If you would like to be notified of the course, write a comment below and I will write mine when it’s ready, so you can be notified.

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