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Using a Mac to develop? I do. And as you know, some very interesting editors have been coming out lately. Some were veterans and have been updated, while others were new products.

** If you don’t use a Mac for development you can ignore this post, I’m sorry. **

First of all, what is the difference between an editor and an IDE? The first one is a “vitaminized” text editor, with programming features. The second one is a complete programming environment, much heavier and with a much larger learning curve. This time I’m talking about editors.

During these years I have been trying the different alternatives until I got the one I liked best. This is something I’ve regularly been doing. But a few weeks ago I thought about doing it differently: by sharing my conclusions in several articles, in Medium.

I leave you the links to this series of 3 articles where I analyze the most used editors to develop in a web environment:

I hope you enjoy the reading 🙂

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