Teach what you know


Do you know something? Either you are a student or a professional, you must have some knowledge that would be interesting for others to learn. Why don’t we teach something to the world? Give that step and start teaching!

How I keep my focus when working

Keep focus

I work several hours each day in front of my computer, sitting down. This alone means that your health will suffer, both physically and mentally. And that means losing focus on work, making it difficult to progress and easy to procrastinate. How I keep my focus and make my work more effective?

Train your discipline


Discipline is what we need to do our tasks when we have to do them, no matter if we are tired or prefer to do other thing at the required moment. Releasing our work in time helps making us successful. We all have discipline, but it may not be enough for the task or the project we have in mind. So how to improve it?