Background jobs in Ruby


Queue management systems are used to process background jobs, so these jobs don’t interfere with the user experience. There are systems that use a database, and others that use Redis instead. Even Ruby on Rails has standardized it with ActiveJob so the application uses the same syntax for any system.

What is Redis? A gentle introduction using Ruby

Redis logo

Redis is a free and open-source in-memory key-value store, similar to Memcached (used to speed up dynamic web applications by caching data in RAM) with the main difference of being persisted to disk and having more data types. In this article you will see an introduction on how to interact with Redis using Ruby.

What is Memcached?

Memcached logo

Memcached is a free and open-source high-performance memory caching system, typically used to speed up dynamic web applications by caching data in RAM to reduce the use of database queries. In this article you will see an introduction on how to interact with Memcached using Ruby.

Installing Ruby

Installing Ruby

In this course I will teach you how to install Ruby on macOS, Ubuntu and Windows, using best practices to customize your development environment and giving a quick overview of the most popular code editors.

Choosing my editor for Ruby on Rails

When it’s time to choose an editor for Ruby on Rails, you will find a variety of good options. From the most austere to a true beast. I have been trying the most known editors and wrote some notes that I want to share.

Duck typing


Duck typing is about making an object suitable for a certain task based on its methods and properties rather than its type. It’s like this: if you see a dog (type) that quacks like a duck, then I will call that dog a duck (duck-typing).

Quick introduction to object oriented programming

Object oriented programming is the basis of today’s frameworks for web development. Nearly every web project uses this development methodology. If you are new to programming, it is very important to have clear the OOP concepts.

Technologies used for backend development


Backend development is centered in building the architecture that supports a web application, using a diverse range of languages and systems. Once you choose the language you like most, you will usually need to choose a web framework as well. And besides this, you have a wide range of databases, search engines and queue systems to choose from.

Dynamic connectivity with Ruby


The dynamic connectivity problem uses a graph (a data structure) that maintains information about the relationship between its components. With this information the data structure can answer whether there is a connection between two objects or not.

What is a web stack?

Rock stack

A web stack is like a stack of books. The upper item is the application the user can interact with, while the one at the bottom is the base: the operating system. All the items between them are the technology needed for both the application and the operating system to communicate to each other. All of them are a team with a common goal: provide everything the application may need to work.