New project in progress

It’s been a long time since my last blog post, although that doesn’t mean I’ve been inactive. I’ve been focusing on my daily work as a freelance and on my daughter. But at the same time I’ve been incubating a new project in which I’ve needed to recycle knowledge and good preparation. I’m currently in […]

Teach what you know


Do you know something? Either you are a student or a professional, you must have some knowledge that would be interesting for others to learn. Why don’t we teach something to the world? Give that step and start teaching!

How I keep my focus when working

Keep focus

I work several hours each day in front of my computer, sitting down. This alone means that your health will suffer, both physically and mentally. And that means losing focus on work, making it difficult to progress and easy to procrastinate. How I keep my focus and make my work more effective?

What I liked and disliked about Ghost

Ghost logo

I tried Ghost for a side blog where I talk about videogames. I needed something quick to start with, so I thought it would be a good option. And it was! but I also found some big difficulties. I tried it for some time and I share here my likes and dislikes about it.

When is important to switch to another technology or tool

Time for a change

You have a system and tools that help your work to produce results. But they may have cons that get on your way. Is this a real problem? Could you continue working with your current tools? This could be a good time to stop and think about it.

Remote work

Computer on the grass

Working remotely is a reality nowadays. You can get up, have your breakfast, and start working right away. You avoid commuting and can organize your time better. There are several tools that you and your team could use to make your work more asynchronous, efficient and comfortable. I talk about this from my personal experience.

How I switched from PHP to Ruby

Ruby PHP

PHP allowed a cheap and fast way to build dynamic websites, beating the limits imposed by Microsoft’s ASP. But since Rails was launched things changed dramatically, and I found a friendlier language in Ruby.

How I became interested in computing


In late 80’s there were the 8-bit computers. I loved the IBM PC having that huge monitor with green characters, hearing the sound of his internal speaker and how it read those big floppies. Everything was controlled with the keyboard, and that DOS operating system seemed cryptic but fascinating at the same time.