About me

David MoralesHi, I’m David Morales, a computer engineer from Barcelona.

In the past years I have been working as a web developer in several start ups, and now I’m a freelance developer working remotely. I also create courses to teach about web development.

I was first interested in computing in 1994, but I have been working and teaching professionally from year 2000. My training sessions were always in-person for private and public companies based on Barcelona, on topics related to web development and UNIX operating systems.

I graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Barcelona in 2005.

I like to learn new things and apply them in real projects which are used by real people. This is the angular stone providing interesting and useful material for my training sessions.

I love teaching and helping developers around the world to improve their knowledge. My aim is to teach every subject I have experience on about this exciting profession, so it is useful for your career.

My Manifesto